Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's Looking for You, Babe

He was a dashing U.S. Airforce pilot, out antiquing with his ex-wife. His Ex must have known him well, for when she spotted a gorgeous antiques dealer, she pointed her out and said, "That cute redhead looks like she could be your type...go buy something." So he did.

He purchased an antique metal sign and struck up a conversation with the Redhead. He asked for a schedule of antiques venues, which she happily gave him. By his own confession, he used that schedule to be at every antique show at which the Redhead appeared. From Ohio to Kansas to Texas...across America, he stalked her, buying loads of antiques, until she realized that she was in love with this suitor. They were married and settled down in a beautiful antique house in a tiny historic Texas town.

Note: Tall Husband and I were on a tour of old historic homes in a small Texas town, when we met the owner of the prettiest home on the tour. He told us the story of how he met and married "the most beautiful Redhead in the world." He also told us that one day he noticed that all the things he had purchased from her, including that old rusty metal sign, had disappeared. When he asked, she answered, "If I had wanted those things around, I wouldn't have sold them to you...so I sold them, again."